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4 Benefits of Using Original Equipment Manufacturers Parts 

4 benefits When someone purchases a piece of equipment whether it be a generator set, wood chipper, pressure washer or car, the initial investment is usually high.  One thing these items all have in common is  they are all powered by an engine.  In order to get the maximum life out of the engine there is nothing that it likes better than when the owner sticks to the maintenance schedule.  However it is not only important to do the maintenance on schedule.  The parts you use when doing the maintenance can have just as big of an impact on the future performance of your equipment than sticking to the schedule.  Why you ask?  Well there are several reasons:

Benefit #1

When designing the equipment the engineering team spent many, many hours in carefully selecting the parts to go on the equipment based on their quality and performance with the ultimate goal of not having a premature failure in the field.  Is it worth the risk of jeopardizing this for a few dollars saved?

Benefit #2

The engines have been built and tested with these same parts.  Why would you want to change the engine’s designed performance?

Benefit #3

When you use genuine OEM parts your product will most likely be covered under warranty should a problem occur during the warranty period.  This is not the case if the aftermarket part was the item that caused the premature failure.

Benefit #4

Most OEM parts carry a one year warranty.   That is often not the case with will-fit parts.


The equipment manufacturer’s reputation is of utmost importance and the dealer’s they choose to represent them lines are as well.  Make sure you always choose a dealer that uses genuine parts.  Your equipment and checkbook will thank you later! 

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