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For more than 50 years Northern Power Products has been a leading distributor of gasoline and diesel industrial engines, transmissions and their components. Private contractors, public fleet operators and many other end users look for the dependable service that Northern Power Products can deliver. Our knowledgeable and dedicated employees ensure that your expectations are fully met in the most efficient and reliable way possible. With an extensive group of dealers, we are able to effectively serve customers in North and South Dakota, Minnesota and parts of Wisconsin. Our commitment to our customers is to deliver the most reliable and quality products to keep engines and transmissions in top operating condition. We look forward to assisting you with all of your industrial engines, parts, accessories and service needs. Northern Power Products invites you to contact us so we may fulfill any of your service needs.


Being a leader in distributing gasoline and diesel industrial engines, transmission and related components, Northern Power Products continues to play an important role in manufacturing support in the Midwest. Though supplying the product is an important role, we know that a partnership based on honesty, integrity and commitment to quality is necessary for continual improvement. That commitment, within our partnerships, has led to OEM’s relying on us to help meet production goals. They require the highest quality in products and service and Northern Power Products has the experience to deliver just that. Whether it’s gasoline, natural gas, LP, dual fuel or diesel, we are able to provide a complete range of engines to fill nearly every need in virtually every market.


Engine installation can be tasking at times and proper installment directly impacts the life of the engine, the equipment and the overall satisfaction of the customer. Installing an engine is a complex design process involving many systems. Northern Power Products understands that a quality product is important to not only you, but your customers as well. With this in mind, we stand ready to assist in every aspect of design to achieve the highest quality installation possible. Prepared with engineering, CAD services and application reviews, Northern Power Products is ready to provide quality installation to ensure a premium product every time.


Whether it’s across town or across the ocean, Northern Power Product has the ability to support you and your customers, that our competitors just can’t match. No matter what problem you may have, we have the expertise to get the job done. From our extensive parts inventory, technical service support and engineering knowledge, we are your main resource for getting the job done.


Your customers are ours as well. You have made a promise to them and Northern Power Products will help deliver on that promise. Therefore, we promise to deliver the right products, on time, every time. By combining extensive engine expertise with unmatched logistics management, Northern Power Products is able to achieve our goal of consistently meeting or exceeding customer expectations.

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